Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweet Corn From Sweet Neighbors Plus...Corn On The Cob Tips And Recipes!

'Tis the season!  The season for homegrown sweet corn!  The farmers in our area plant acres and acres of dent corn.  Dent corn is grown for cattle feed, and is a huge crop here.  But, lucky for us,  most of our farmers also a plant a patch of sweet corn in the center of their circle of dent corn,  strictly for us humans : )

Last weekend, our neighbors stopped by with a HUGE bag full of the sweetest corn I have ever tasted!

                                                    This is just a small sample of the loot.

Now, I'll be honest...I love sweet corn, but I've just never been a fan of the whole shucking and cleaning the silk, business.  So, I was thrilled to find out about the magic corn trick.  If you haven't heard about it you can get the scoop HERE, from

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy Margaritas...Plus 17 Cocktail Recipes!

I love a good margarita, don't you? This past weekend my sister-in-law introduced me to a super easy and super yummy margarita. There are numerous recipes out there, but I prefer EASY! This version is probably old as the hills, but, hey it's new to me.

1 can limeade
1 can tequila
2 beers (one of the recipes from Pinterest calls for 1 beer)

Bada bing! The best margarita I've had in a long time!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trash To Treasure...Funky Find

Howdy blogger friends!  Hope you all had a fabulous July 4th!

Recently I found a funky little treasure, and thought it was worth sharing.  The best only set me back five bucks.

This little vintage lantern, found it's way to me a few weeks ago, and I just love it.

 I've pondered and fretted about whether to clean it up, or just leave it in it's original state of funky.

 Decided to just leave it alone...the dust and dirt and rust....I like it this way.
 However, I have moved it a million times!!  Here it's sitting on that old metal bucket I found.  Here is the bucket story.

Where oh where, should I put it??

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tiger-Striped Dragonfly

Recently, I spotted this little guy at my father-in-law's pond, in southern Oklahoma.

Yes.  We went to southern Oklahoma in the middle of the summer.  And, in case you were was HOT!  VERY, VERY HOT!  Oh, and humid.  But, as always, I loved and humid suits me just fine :)

And this guy, startled the heck out of me.  I had no idea he was near the pond, and when he flew out, he made such a rukus, that I was only able to get this one shot.

Man, I could wake up to this view every morning......

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crazy Town

Crazy Town....that's been our life for the past few months!  I mean that in a good way, of course.

Finishing up the school year with a husband who is a teacher AND a young man who is a graduating senior = crazy town.

We had baseball games, banquets, and graduation preparations.  Somewhere in the middle of all the activities, we made two whirlwind trips to Denver.

Here are a few shots from the award banquets.

This is the District FFA Banquet...our young man was the President for the district.
Their fearless leader looking over them...aka my hubby.

This next one is our local FFA Chapter Banquet.
 Here, my husband is receiving a hug from one of his special students and then...a little tear or two, from both of them.

 My husband LOVES talking about his students and all of their many accomplishments.

 Special moment with my two favorite guys.

 Here's a little baseball action.

Then the BIG EVENT....graduation!
The graduate with my husband's family.

 Here we all are...I was so thrilled my husband's family made the trip from Oklahoma, and my daughter was able to come from Fort Collins.

And, the BEST part....he was the Valedictorian, and gave a terrific speech!
 Gosh we were so proud!

Then, we made a mad dash for home, where we had a reception.  NOTE:  I JUST REALIZED THE DATE IS VERY WRONG ON THESE PICTURES!  (sorry for yelling)

My mom, my daughter, and my niece.

 I lost count, but I think we had 100+ guests.  We served my husband's world famous brisket, pulled pork, coleslaw, and numerous other salads and sides.  It was sooooo yummy!
 Yes, that is a roll of duct tape being used a cup holder!  Hey, when you live in the country and the wind blows 100 mph, duct tape comes in handy.

 Can you guess where he is going to college?  Oklahoma State University has offered him numerous scholarships, as well as, accepted him into The Honors Program AND The CEAT Scholars Program.
He will be studying biomechanical engineering with a minor in agronomy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Lovely Little Dirt Storm

For the last few months we have been busy with preparations for our son's high school graduation reception.

Painting the porch, washing windows, clearing out tumbleweeds, etc.

Once we had the outside looking good, Mother Nature stepped in.

That's our place, getting hammered by the dirt.

This window was nice and shiny when I left the house that morning.

Poor Baxter was getting nervous.

My car.

My mail.

So.......we waited for the dust to settle, and got busy with whole clean-up process, AGAIN.

However, this time, we had to include spraying off the house and roof, which made a nice little muddy mess.
Note:  I use the term, we, loosely.

 Just look at that mudd running down on my freshly painted porch.  Ugh.

In the end, the house received a good bath, and all was well, again....until the next dirt storm.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Very Country Easter!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter!  We have had an incredible day.

But, before I share the details, I just have to tell you all that I have missed you terribly!  My blog friends are near and dear to my heart, and I have ONCE AGAIN, fallen off the face of bloggy land.  I will be back to visit you all asap....I pinky promise.

Now,  back to the scheduled program.

Our church has a tradition of having a sunrise service.  It's not just any sunrise service.  It's held at the top of the one and only "mountain" in our area.  It's Two Buttes Mountain, and it "sticks out like a sore thumb" in the middle of prairie.  However, it's beautiful, and we love it.

Back to the service.  It's approximately twenty five miles from town.  So we were up at 4:00, and on the road by 5:00.

This is Two Buttes, later in the day.

When we arrived, it looked like this:

I wish I would have had a headlight like this little guy.

I didn't take any pictures on the hike up, because it was dark.  And, well....because I thought they may have send a helicopter after me.  Man, I am out of shape.

When we finally made it, the hike was SO worth it!  The cross had already been carried up, and was just so beautiful.  Pastor Kathy was waiting patiently for everyone to arrive.

The service was absolutely wonderful.

 Our little grandbaby even made the hike!  His mommy is one tough cookie...I could barely drag myself up the mountain!

 The cross being carried down.  There is something so moving about this....


                                                    Happy Easter, my dear friends!