Monday, April 26, 2010

Crock Pot Warning

This is a warning.  If you do not heed this warning, it will be bad.

Very bad.

Today, I drove all the way back to the ranch, with visions of starting a wonderful dinner in the crock pot.
Nothing beats coming home in the evening and having dinner done.

It's rather easy.  In this case, just three simple steps.

  1. Put ingredients in pot.
  2. Season.
  3. Turn on pot.
Go back to work and come home to a wonderful dinner. 

Unless you are me.

There is one more step.
    4.  Plug in crock pot.

If you skip number 4, go to Plan B.  Cheeseburgers on the grill is always my Plan B.

And that my friends is my life...

                                                                           THE END


  1. Hahahah...classic! Sounds like me. Cheeseburgers work just a well though, especially with soy sauce and stuffed...yum! Hope all is well with you and you guys :)

  2. Saw you on Pioneer Woman's blog. Your scenery sure looks like it's close to ours.

    Love the crock pot chronicles. Yep. I'm capable of that, too.

  3. Hilarious - that sounds exactly like something I would do!