Fence Building

I love days that start like this-what a sunrise!  Well, this is the first day of Spring Break, but around here, there is no “Break”.   We have a new member of the family, and his name is Lefty.  He’s a cute spunky little horse.  He is the reason for the fence building project which is going on right now. 
We already have a horse, a nice big mare, Dandy.  Before we turned Lefty out to the pasture with Dandy, Wranglers wanted to put up a new fence, cause there’s sure to be a little conflict between the two at first.  This is Dandy.
Ok, now for the fence.  First, you have to round up some help. 
There is no minimum age requirement around here.
More help.                                  
Next fire up the post hole digger. 
He loves that thing.  A lot.
Next, set posts.
Then.  And only then…
Take a break.  Not a Spring Break.  
Just a break
Time to stretch some wire.  This is nasty business.  Barbed wire is nasty business.

And next to the word “tired” in the dictionary, you will see this

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