Furniture update


Previously I wrote about the furniture disaster, and how Wranglers was gonna paint it in my livingroom.  Well, he did.  It worked.  I think.  Moved it all up to our daughter’s new apartment.  It looked ok when we left-but we tried not to really look very close.  She has no idea what that furniture (and we) went through to make it to that point.  And the mirror.  With regards to the mirror, she called, before we made the trip, and before I told her about the mirror.  She said she would like to put her bedroom tv on the dresser that doesn’t have a mirror.  Hmmm.  Ok.  Now I should probably tell her about the mirror.  So, I told her she could put the tv on either dresser now, cuz there “is no mirror.”  I braced myself for the inevitable fit.  Nothing.  Silence.  Then she said, “oh well, they have a mirror at walmart for around five bucks.”  I wasn’t sure who was on the other end of the phone.  Maybe she had been kidnapped.  Maybe she was sick.  I  decided to take a thermometer and check her temperature when we got up there.  To my surprise, no temperature, just a very grown up daughter.  Wow.  Love it.  Love her…

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