Jack Of All Trades

I am married to a jack of all trades.

Really. He can build or fix almost anything.

Smarty pants

And if he can’t build  it or fix it, he can do wonders with bailing wire and duct tape. (Two very important staples in this part of the country)
A few years ago, he decided to add a greenhouse to his Vocational Ag Program. Building it became a project for him and his students.
Would you put that camera down and help me?

Uh…um… would  you put that camera down and help me?

This is his, “okay, I have had it” look.
He doesn’t really need me to help.
He just wants me stop with the pictures already.

His students and their busy hands preparing seedlings for the greenhouse.

And  fast forward to this morning.

We still have a couple of months before we can put these darlings out, but I can’t wait.
There are hanging baskets, bedding plants, and vegetable plants.  I am gonna buy some of everything!
This is a project for my husbands FFA kids.  One that we all can enjoy!

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  • dkuroiwa

    what a great project!! and here i tought FFA was just all about the pig barn 😉 (that's all i heard about this summer from those nephews of mine!)
    when are those plants going on sale? would love to get some for my mom…keep me posted!!!
    have a good one!!

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