Little Old Lady Fun

Recently, a friend celebrated her 50th birthday. I don’t know if celebrated is the correct description. I do know that the rest of us celebrated. Someone came up with the idea of dressing up like old ladies, and going bowling. She knew we were all going to take her bowling, but she had no idea about the little old lady dress-up thing. We arrived at her house to pick her up. She, looking as cute as always, and us all decked out with gray wigs, support hose, slips hanging out, and anything else we could come up with. She was mortified. And made it clear she was not going ANYWHERE with us. Oh, but wait. There’s more. We had brought her a little old lady outfit too! That way she would fit right in. It took some convincing.

Since we don’t have a bowling alley here, we had to travel 47 miles. They were expecting us, as we had reserved several lanes, however, they weren’t expecting what they saw when we all walked in.

Dead silence. The instigator of this party had neglected to tell any of us, that this just happened to be men’s night at the bowling alley. A tournament, no less. The men got a huge kick out of us. The best part was when one of the gals came out of the bathroom with toilet paper trailing out of her skirt. She calmly got her ball, and gracefully threw a strike.

That pretty much did it for the guys. They could not be serious about their tourney any longer.

They grabbed their balls and went home.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


  • dkuroiwa

    oh my…when I first saw all the pictures of this event, I just about cried!! what a fun fun time!! I was wondering if you all had to raid the closets of most of the older women of the Methodist Church, 'cause I think I've seen some of those outfits!! 🙂
    I got the biggest kick out of Sallie's housecoat…it had a flamingo on it!! yes, i was truly there, in spirit!!

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