The Lost Marbles

I need your help.  It seems I have lost my marbles.  I would have loved to post a pretty picture of  them.  They are wonderful.  But I can’t find them.

I miss my marbles.

The five year old cowboy who resides in my house, assures me, the only marbles he has, belong to HIM.

They aren’t mine.

The fourteen year old says, “Nope, haven’t seen ’em.”

I asked my smarty  pants husband.  His response, “Honey, you were missing a few marbles when I met ya.  But don’t worry, I still married ya.”

Smarty pants

Called my twenty year old daughter.  She says, “Mom,  you lost your marbles right after my fifteenth birthday.  Thought you would have found them by now.”

Still looking…
Please help me.


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