My Bathtub

Sunday night.  Chores done-check.  House clean-(for the most part)-check.  Family fed-check.  Laundry done-check.  I make a mad dash for my bathtub.  My haven.  My paradise.  My quiet place.  Ok, I am stretching it.  Just a little.  Run water, poor in Bath & Body  relaxation bubbles, light Bath & Body relaxation candles.  Perfect.  One more thing.  Lock door.  Oh, this is gonna be nice.  Just as I am soaking, relaxing, dreaming of the beach, I hear, “NAAANNNYYY”!!!??   “HEY NAN-ARE YOU IN THERE?”  Oh boy.  I have been found.  This is my little cowboy.  My little five year old great nephew.  Yes, he lives with us.  Long story for another day.  And yes, he calls me Nanny.  “Ya buddy, I’m in here.”  He can see there is no light coming from under the door.  “What ya doin?” “Taking a bath.”  “Why is the light off?”  “Cuz I’m burning candles.”  “What kinda candles?”  Through clenched teeth, I reply, “RELAXATION candles-those fancy ones I bought to make me feel good.  Ok, buddy, now go on and play till I get done.”  I hear him slide down the door and take a seat.  “I am gonna wait right here for ya to finish.  Okay Nanny?  Okay??”  Geez, how can I resist.  It was nice while it lasted…

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