You gotta make your own fun

Around here, nothing is off limits for roping.  Around here, you have to make your own fun.

Poor Lilly.  Poor Daisy.   Fortunately, they were a liitle quicker than the rope.
I feel so blessed that our kids find ways to “make their own fun.”  And that they know how to work hard-and play hard!  So many kids don’t have the opportunity to experience country life and all the lessons that are learned here.  Even though we don’t raise crops personally, our kids know first hand about growing wheat, corn, and milo, and the harvesting of those crops.  They also know about raising cattle, pigs, goats, you name it.  All of this, we feel, provide such great life lessons.  Now, it’s not all pretty.  In fact, it can get quite ugly at times.  There’s the castrating.  Ugh.  The artificial insemination.  Ewww.  The millions of tumbleweeds.  Arrrgh.  The never ending dusting.  The list goes on and on.  And on.  Ah, the country life.  You gotta love it!

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