Hail Of A Storm

 I love everything about the arrival of Spring.

Well, almost everything.  As I sit here and type, we are currently in a severe thunderstorm warning.  We are supposed to be on the look-out for large hail, damaging winds, and dangerous lightening.

When they say large hail, they mean  LARGE HAIL. 

Now, people, this is hell hail.  The sound of this size of hail hitting your metal roof, makes you want to run for the basement and get under the nearest bed, couch, treadmill, total gym, or whatever you keep in your basement.  I happen to have enough exercise equipment to open a gym in my basement.  I am sure it all works really well.  Someday, I will try it all out.  I promise.  I love buying the equipment.  I just don’t love using it.  I am currently covering this in therapy.
Back to my very own hell hail.  Really, during these types of storms, one is supposed to go to the basement, or at the very least, stay away from the windows.  But hey, we don’t want to miss anything.  So, we have our noses pressed on the windows watching the hail beat the hell out of our hanging baskets, garden flowers and vegetables.   As soon as there was a break, I ran for the yard and grabbed these two.
I love a real Harvey-Wall-Banger storm, but, I can really do without the hail.
And the tornadoes.
And the 65 mile an hour wind.
And the life threatening lightening.
This my friends, is why I am moving to Hawaii.


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