A Little Problem

At the Casa, we have encountered a problem.  A small one. 
As most of you know, my little five year old great-nephew has come to live with us.

That’s not the problem.

Here is the culprit or culprits.

As you can see, this little cowboy lives in these boots.  Now don’t judge me.
I don’t let him go around lookin like a rag-a muffin all the time. 
And I am not putting off buying new boots-this pair is only about a month old.
This is a sign of a hard workin’ man.

Back to the problem at hand.

The pre-school teacher nicely asked told us he needs to wear tennis shoes to school, because it would be more practical for some of their activities.


This was a tough one.  This cowboy would sleep, take a bath, and everything else, in these boots.
And tennis shoes? 

Come on.

Cowboys don’t wear tennis shoes.


The teacher had a compromise.   He can wear boots one day.  Tennis shoes the next day.

Every morning before his eyes are open, “Nanny, is it Boot Day?”

We have a new holiday.   Boot Day.

Today, was a tennis shoe day, but he slipped out of the house in his beloved boots.

Yes, I noticed.

No, I did not say a word.

Sorry, Miss Deb.

I will take my “time out” now.


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