New Addition To The Farm

Daisy.  Lillie.    Listen up!

You girls are gonna have to move over.  You’re getting a new room mate  penmate.
Is she  talkin’ to us.???  Nope, I can’t hear you.  Sorry.  Don’t make eye contact.  Then she will stop talkin’.   Just don’t make eye contact.
No more penmates.  We just got rid of the pigs.  No more penmates.  We can’t hear you.  We are just fine.  We like having this nice big suite to ourselves.  Still can’t hear you.  Hey Lillie, she’s movin’ her mouth but nothing’s coming out.  lalalalalalalala-still can’t hear you.    
And here he is….                                          
Awww.  Isn’t he just precious.
Daisy and Lillie are not impressed.  Not one bit.


  • tickledred

    Too bloody cute 🙂 I wish that I had a farm…grew up on one as a kid but unless waves are nearby it won't be happening for me. I love the live that you are living. I can't wait to read more of your blog.

  • dcash

    Thanx for stopping in! Funny-I am a beach lover at heart and would give anything if "waves were nearby." That would be perfection…

    For now, I have to close my eyes and listen to the wind in the trees-If i concentrate real hard, it sounds like the surf. LOL

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