The Old Home Place

We have always referred to this as The Old Home Place.

This is where my Mom was raised.  She still owns the land and the old dug-out house.  Her sisters own land out here too.
We took a Sunday drive and ended up out at the old home place.  There is so much history out there.  It is hard for me to believe that as a kid, I would go out there with my parents and visit my Grandma, where there was no indoor plumbing, and electricity was a new luxury.
Now people, I am not all that old.  I am much too young to have witnessed this pioneer lifestyle.
I am only forty something.  Really.
I remember having to use this…
Gathering eggs in here.

And watching my Grandma catch a chicken, and, uh…well, I am still working on this in therapy, but it was the best fried chicken in the world.  And fresh.     (gulp)

My Mom grew up back when times were really hard.  It hit me on this Sunday outing, how tough it must have been.  Hey, my Mom seems way too young to have experienced this way of pioneer life, too.

We also found a few treasures.

This is a John Deere 385 single row seed planter, used by my grandpa.  (and his horse)

Some type of scales used for seeds.

This is out where the hoot owls chase the chickens.  About an hour drive from any paved road.  Then about 20 more miles to a town.

This is the real “Middle Of Nowhere”.


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