Push Button Queen

I have been trying to experiment with my husband’s camera.  His is a little more than point and shoot.  He doesn’t know how to work it either.  So I am on my own.

He said I could practice with it under one condition-do not just start pushing all the buttons.   And read the manual.
Hey, you said ONE condition.  That sounds like two.

I mean it, he says.

Who?  Me?  I would never do that.  Just start pushing buttons.  (tosses hair)

I would turn it on first.  Then start pushing buttons.

Hey, it’s the kinda gal I am.

Which I did.  Some pictures were good others, not.  Now, if I could just remember which settings turned out the good pictures and which ones turned out the bad ones.

I am going to have to read the manual.  I hate that.  I just want someone to take the camera, take my hand, and show me what I need to know.  Please.   Thank you.



  • angiecox.net

    You would want my dad. But you wouldn't. B/c you'd end up knowing more than you really want to know about that camera. So just push the buttons until you figure it out. You're better off that way.

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