Backseat Driver Fix

We have all been there.  In the driver’s seat, when someone else feels it’s necessary to “help” you drive.

Here is the perfect fix.

Yep.  Earplugs.  Works like a charm.
On this particular day, we took a family drive out to the country.  Yes, we already live in the country, but we went waaaayyyy out.  We all know that farm kids learn to drive a little earlier in life than what the law suggests-hey, it’s a necessity.
Memaw and Pop, this picture is for you.
This driver is not allowed to use the earplugs.  He has to follow the backseat driver’s instructions.  Bummer.
Wranglers tells him to keep the speed at 40 mph.  He listened.
p.s.  For you adult drivers-if the earplugs don’t do the trick, the duct tape in the glovebox will.


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