Bottoms, Elbows, And Baseball

Tis the season.  Baseball Season.  And in these parts, that is serious business.
My fourteen year old step-son is an awsome athlete.  (he is also a genius)  For now, I am talking about baseball.

That’s him at bat.
Come on!  Bring me home!
Umm.  Excuse me.  I am trying to get a good picture of my boy coming home.
Could you please move your bottom?  And move your elbow.  And that glove-could you please just put it down a little?  Please??
Don’t these boys know to get out of the way when a mama is taking pictures?
Our kid is also a great catcher.  Nothing gets by #12.
 And the game goes on.  Sorry about the fence.  It’s there for protection from the speeding balls of fire.  However, I have a friend who suffered a broken nose at a game two years ago.  I think she would disagree.
This is the last picture.  Baseball games also come with really good concession stand food. 
Really good.  And I found it difficult to hold my camera and eat my monster cookie.  Okay…Monster Cookies.  Then there were the home made burritos.  And the brownies.  And the nachos. 
Junk food heaven and baseball.
A perfect night out.


  • Tickled Red

    I can't get either of my monkeys interested in baseball but where we live that may not be a bad thing. I have heard horror stories about the over the top, fist slinging parents (and that is just the moms). It wasn't like that when I played softball. It was all very respectable…okay maybe they were a little bit out of line 🙂 It looks like your son is no nonsense on the field and is enjoying himself immensely. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was the catcher

  • Anonymous

    We're about to finish up the first half of the season with our three oldest girls. 74 ballgames in 44 days! I'm tired and we're on break until after the fourth and then we start again. Go gettem' Jordan!!!!


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