Freak Of Nature?

Is this a true blue freak of nature thing?  Or is this just your everyday tree with legs?

Ok.  Mystery solved.

Around the ranch, there is always work to be done.  Always.
And as I have said before, there is no age limit on workers.
This weekend, a neighbor who lives several miles down the road-(is that still considered a neighbor?), anyway, our nearest neighbor made the two hour trip to Walmart to get trees.  He was kind enough to offer to pick some up for us-the trees were on sale, so we were thrilled!  There were thirty six trees left, so Walmart gave him an even better discount for taking them all.  Thank you Walmart.  You rock.

Trees in this part of the country are precious.  And rare. 

We got right to work mapping out where the trees should be planted. 
Then we got right to the good part.  Digging the holes.
Okay.    I should explain that I am using the term “we”,  loosely.
Very loosely.   But hey-I was helping.  Except for when I thought I was gonna faint.
And when I had to get sunscreen.
And bug spray.
And gloves.
And then I almost fainted again.  But after I went back to the house one more time for a glass of tea, I was ready to help again.  This type of work is not for wimps.
Good thing I am tough girl.  Wranglers was so thankful I was here to help him with this big project.
I am sure of it, even though he referred to me as “a little confused”.  But only once.  I think it was right before I almost fainted.  Or was it right after?
One thing is for sure-we make a really good team.  Just ask Wranglers.
Uh…ur…um…maybe you shouldn’t ask him.  Just take my word for it.  Thank you.
At the end of the day, we had planted eighteen trees and put down six hundred feet of drip line.
A job well done!


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