A Cowboy. A Horse. And A Good Deed.

Today, Wrangler Man had a very important job to do.

Probably, one of the most important jobs he will do all summer.

It involved catching one of these.

Neither Lefty or Dandy was interested in being caught.
Lefty was the lucky one.  Or was he the unlucky one?
He got to go to town and visit the preschool.
All the preschool kids got a turn.  I don’t know who had more fun-Lefty or the kids.  There were little girls.  Little boys.  Big sisters.  Mamas, Daddys, and Grammys.  All just to watch their special little person take a ride on Lefty. 
I was there to watch Wrangler Man   my nephew.
When everyone had finished their turn, it was time to load up and head back to the ranch.
What’s all that screeching at the fence?
Big tough cowboy, with a big soft heart, turns around and heads over the daycare section of preschool.  These little cowgirls and cowboys were not scheduled to ride today.  Truth is, just a peek and a touch through the fence was just perfect for them.
These two guys did their good deed for the day. 
Lots of happy kids and the stuff memories are made of.
Good job Wranglers!

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