The Reason I Have Been MIA

Finally, here I am.  Back to blogging.  Here are a few of the reasons I have been MIA.

First, there have been numerous days when I leave the house at 7:00 a.m., and have not returned for fourteen hours.  I really hate it when that happens.  Unless it’s like last night-got together with the girls and made shower mints.  And drank cocktails.  And made more mints.  And drank more cocktails.

School has ended, and my fourteen year old stepson received the highest honor possible in ALL of his academic classes.  Did I mention, I think he inherited his smarts from me.

Then, my beautiful daughter came for a visit.
 You have to see these shoes up close.
And that lump there on her ankle, it is not from falling off her heels.  That is from a shattered ankle during a basketball game.  Seven screws and two metal plates will not slow this girl down. 
Then a friend with a big heart delivered my mother-in-law in this:
Now let me tell you folks.  This. Is. The. Way. To. Travel.  This trip takes eight hours in the car.  They landed in one hour and forty minutes.  Wonder if I could fly a plane? 
Wranglers thinks I should probably leave it to the experts.

Memaws love seeing their grandchildren.

Ok, here is one more reason I have been MIA.

We are painting our house.  And yes, I said “we”.  I have been helping, but I do have to stop and take pictures.  And get a beer glass of tea.  And answer my phone.  And look at the clouds.

The original beige paint has faded to a pinkish color.  Pink!  So, we are going back to a color that is close to the original.  And a lot less pink.

Oh, here is one more reason.

Swimming lessons!

And that’s all I have been up to. 

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