Ten Things That Make Me Crazy.

There are ten things that make me crazy.

Actually there are many more, but I will stick to ten. 

1. The wind.  Unless, of course, it’s a nice ocean breeze.
2. Mowing my yard in the wind.  Actually, doing anything in the wind.

3. I seem to be getting further away from financial freedom.  And my beach house.

4. My wood floors. It’s a love/hate relationship.
5. The woodpecker above my bedroom window.

6. The fact there is no beach in the state I live in. Or in any of the surrounding states.
7. Having ANY type of function to go to after working a ten hour day.
8. My eyelashes. They won’t curl anymore. I even bought a new curler.
9. Did I mention the wind?

10.Store-bought tomatoes.

                                                                        THE END

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