Someone Is In Jail-Did Ree Lose Charlie?

The other day, I had to go in to the Town Clerk’s office.  Minding my own business, just making a quick dash in, take care of a small amount of paperwork, then a quick dash out.

Simple. Right?
Quick.  Right?

As I arrived at the door I saw this hanging on the window:

You…  Have… Got…  To.. . Be…  Kidding…
Look at that face.
Those eyes.
Those nails in desperate need of a manicure. 
I feel like I know this dog.  Did  Ree lose Charlie? 
We do not-I repeat-Do Not need another dog.  I don’t even like the two we have.
Just kidding.   
Sort of.
But those eyes…
So, against my better judgement, I inquired about him.  Thankfully, they said a possible victim owner would be checking in with them later.
Whew!  Dodged a bullet.
That was a week ago.  No news is good news.
Until today.
Once again, minding my own business-literally.  I am at my desk, in our family business, and in walks our town Dog Catcher.  I could tell he was on official business.
He made a bee line for me.   This is a small town.  Everybody knows everybody.  Everybody knows where to find everbody.  Everybody knows your “business”. 
And news travels fast.
So, the Dog Catcher proceeded to tell me that no one had ever claimed the dog.  It was obvious this dog was a foreigner, because everybody knows everybody’s dogs, too.
And he was sure, that this homeless, pitiful soul, would have a wonderful life on our ranch.
The more he talked, the more  relaxed I became.  Sleepy.  Feeling sleepy.  (stick with me here-this is the story I am gonna tell Wranglers)
And then it happened.
I had an out of body experience.  Really.
The next thing I remember, is being at home.
And this…



Yes.  That is my yard.  But I have no idea how the dog got there…Really.

And this little guy in the red swimming trunks, orange shirt, and cowboy boots?  I really have no comment, other than, he was not dressed like that when I left him with Wrangler Man.
He decided to show the ex-jail-house dog around the ranch.
I know this is supposed to be about the dog.
But I can’t take my eyes off those cowboy boots and red swimming trunks.
And the orange shirt.
Lord help me.
So, this guy goes from jail to the ranch.
I have learned a very valuable lesson.
Any future business dealings I have with the Town Clerk will be handled through the mail.


  • Suniverse

    Oh, you are a great person. I have instances of being led to make bad decisions by becoming very, very sleepy as well.

    PS – Don't sweat the outfit. My daughter wore her princess nightgown and red rain boots at least to preschool and I believe to kindergarten. It covered her, she was happy and I didn't have to argue!

  • A. Cruz

    This is an amazing story! I tell you, taking in a stray dog has to earn you some extra points in heaven. He is truly adorable and looks like he is finally home.

  • littlebeachbum

    Ahhhahaha oh my gosh Darcie you are killing me!! This is hilarious from beginning to end. "Did Ree lose Charlie?" "everybody knows everybody's dogs, too" hahahaha I'm dying! This is too funny. So do his paws smell like Fritos? 🙂

  • Tickled Red

    Oh that is too funny. Only you darlin' would hunted down by the dog catcher. He is adorable though. What did you guys name him?

    PS: I am digging that boys look…leave him be 🙂

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