County Fair-Bringing Home The Blue!

Around here, the county fair is a big deal.  The 4H Clubs have awesome, dedicated kids, who show their animals, participate in Decorate Your Duds, woodworking, archery, shooting sports, and cooking.  Plus much more.

Now…our big guy participated in shotgun shooting sports, and….cooking!

Here he is showing Papaw his new gun.  The 4H Shooting Sports Program is an awesome way for any young person to learn how to safely handle a gun.  This kid knows as much about gun safety as any adult.
He competes at our local level, shooting moving targets, and is so good….we call him “dead eye dick”.
At our fair shoot-out he won Grand Champion, nailing 46 out of 50 clay pigeons.  He now moves on to the State Fair for another shoot-out with kids from all over the state.
His other 4H Project was cooking.  He made bisquits from scratch.
Those little hands on the flour bucket belong to a five year old who really, really wants to help.
But this project has to be a one-man-show.
His bisquits won this…
And qualified him to send a fresh batch to State Fair!
I now demand he make his bisquits for our breakfast every morning!  I will never, ever, make them again.
                                                                             THE END

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