County Fair Time…Cotton Candy, Muttin Bustin’, And More

Last week was our County Fair and Rodeo.  This means good old fashioned fun for the whole family.

There are turtle races.  Greased pig contests.  Pig shows.  Goat shows.  Steer shows.  Sheep shows.

Hey, we even have chicken and rabbit shows.

If you go to the fairgrounds, you have to get some of this…

That my friends, is Cotton Candy. It is in the rule book: Everyone MUST have Cotton Candy while attending the fair. And we always, play by the rules.

There was a rodeo.  A crowd favorite…bronc riding.

And there was bull ridin’.  I apologize in advance for this next picture.
That cowboy getting to his feet next to the bull just happens to be my twenty year old nephew.  The picture looks terrible because my hands were shaking violently, and I have no idea what happened with the lighting OR focus. 
After the bronc riding and the bull riding, and the roping…the REAL rodeo started.
Have you ever heard of Muttin’ Bustin’?
Yes, that pair of jeans belongs to Wranglers.  He helped with this event.
Kids are outfitted with a helmet, a sheep, and some quick words of instruction from Wranglers and the other cowboys.
And here we go!
Now this event is complete with a Rodeo Clown.  He is a very important part, as he picks the kids up off the ground, wipes tears, get’s mudd out of the helmet face mask, etc.
This cowboy riding is not our little guy.  I don’t have a picture of his ride, because, well, I was as nervous as if he was riding a bull.  I took a picture of his ride and it turned out like this:
But I did manage to get this…
And this wave to crowd.  Thanking them for their support and letting them know he was okay.  Just like the BIG cowboys.
Also at the fair were these two sheep.  All dressed up in their finest duds.
And more cows.
And….Hellooooo Wranglers
Ladies, that’s as good a reason as any to go the fair.  However…this particular pair of Wranglers, belongs to me  🙂
Where was I?  Oh…um… our teenage son made quite a showing in the 4H Division of the fair.  That post will be up next, as I currently feel the need to fall over on the floor and sleep.
                                                                                  THE END


  • dkuroiwa

    Even though, it's pretty much the same every year, i think that is what makes it so nice….i really missed not being there this year! we tried to get koji on the muttin' bustin' last year, but the greased pig grab pretty much did him in!!!
    how was the reunion? i was sad to miss that!!
    and yeah….love a nice pair of Wranglers!

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