Out Of Body Experiences…Part 1

This is a series of posts, describing some of my major flub-ups this summer.  If you want to feel better about yourself, read on.  At my expense.  But don’t judge me.  I really don’t act like this all the time.

I will start with the most recent experience first.

Four days ago I received a call from one of our little church ladies, asking me to bring a dessert to a family dinner. ( In our small community, when there is a funeral, the church provides a dinner for the family)

No problem.  I ran to the store and picked up ingredients to make a cake.

Problem.  Went to work yesterday morning and at exactly ten o’clock, my brother asks my mom, “what time is that funeral today?”

I had one of those “out of body” experiences, as I realized I forgot my dessert.  I didn’t just forget to bring it to town with me.


I ran screaming out the door and praying our little grocery store would have something besides a package of cookies.

I ran in the door like a crazy woman and tried to ignore the look on the little check-out ladies faces, as I bounced like a ping-pong-ball from the baked goods to the freezer.

I settled on a frozen turtle cheesecake.  The picture on the box looked really good.

After swearing all the grocery store employees to secrecy, I ripped the dessert out of the box, destroyed the evidence, and headed to the church.

The little ladies were just finishing setting up the tables.  I told them I purposely brought my dessert in a disposable pan so they wouldn’t have to wash and return it to me.

Wasn’t that thoughtful of me?

I ran to my SUV, as I was trying to avoid that strike of lightening that was surely headed straight for me.

Shameful Me

                                                                         THE END


  • dcash

    Jamie Lynn-Oh my! That sound soooo familiar-I am sure it wasn't funny at the time, but, (giggle) funny now 🙂

    Thanks for visiting and sharing that story!

  • pozypeacock

    I had an the same feelings happened to me a few days ago. It has had only happened twice before and all were equally out of body as we like to put it. lol Let's just say that the email intended for my husband speaking of a certain someone, were accidentally sent to the person I was speaking of. Could not hit the stop send button quick enough.I felt awful about it..

    Really enjoying your posts! So funny!

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