Out Of Body Experiences…Part 2

Here is another one of my little flub ups.

This one is BAD.


Last weekend, I noticed the magnificant monarch butterflies had returned.  They were everywhere.

Then I spotted this little “couple”, and I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera.


Wrangler’s and I proceeded to enjoy the rest of our evening on the porch.

Watching butterflies.

Watching our outdoor fireplace.

It was a perfect night.

In the wee morning hours, I heard Wranglers out on the porch, “Oh, $*@#!”

I ran out just in time to see him picking up something out of the grass.

Something black.

Something black, with a strap hanging off of it, and water dripping from it.  (Our sprinkler system had thoroughly watered said object).

Something black, with a strap hanging, AND A LENS COVER DANGLING OFF OF IT!

This is when I experience that “out of body experience thingy again”.

Now…it was my turn…”OH $*@#!”

Wranglers stood there in his…well, let’s just say he wasn’t dressed yet.  Anyway, he stood there, camera dripping….and… dangling, and our three dogs laying at his feet.

The dogs looked quite satisfied with themselves.

Wranglers…did… not.

So, I left the camera outside.

The dogs got it and carried it into the yard.

Then the sprinkler system gave it a good drink of water.

I have a lot on my mind. 

Sometimes, I forget where I put stuff.

And where I am going.

And what I am supposed to be doing.

There is some good news-the camera still works, even though there are few chew marks. 

Unfortunately, I still have a few more mishaps to share with you.  But for now, I think I will go read a Self Help Book.

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