Halloween Costume…Made Simple

I only thought I was through with Halloween costumes and elementary school parties.

But then….we had a little five year old come to live with us.

Last year, we did not go and buy a costume.  He knew what he wanted to be.

He just went to his closet and came out like this.

This year he dressed up like this for his school party…

I think I see a pattern forming here.

Living in the country has it’s advantages…there are always cowboy clothes in the closet.

I made a healthy snack for his Kindergarten party.

These little oranges are filled with mixed fruit.  Cute huh?

Okay, okay.  Artist I am not.

The kids seemed to enjoy the fruit snack, despite the art work.  Hey, one little girl even wanted to take hers home!

A fun time was had by all!
Do you guys sneak candy out of your kids Halloween stash after they go to bed??
Of course, we don’t.
We couldn’t.
That would be terrible.
Have a safe and happy Halloween.
And remember…
Be very, very quiet as you sneak some of your kid’s candy.
And do it in small amounts.  It’s less obvious.
Just sayin’.


  • Vicki

    Hahahaha!!! Now, I've graduated to pleading and snitching the 100 Grand Bar (formerly known as $100,000 Bar)from the grandkids. And those oranges are genius! That is the cutest little cowboy ever.

  • Vicki

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my lil' reading blog. If you want, you can tell me which program the preschool is using and the elementary school he'll be attending then I can give you a heads up if you need one.

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