Country Sunrise…And Desolation…And Hot Tub Nudity

I took this photo recently, from my yard. 
Looking at this picture, reminds me how beautiful the country life can be.
And desolate.
And far, far, from Starbucks, Macy’s, Walmart, etc.
And good seafood.
And the sea.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the country.

I really do.

I love not having neighbors.

Unless, I need a cup of sugar.

Or a teaspoon of vanilla.

Another reason I enjoy not having neighbors is….I love the idea of being able to get into the hot tub naked as a jay bird.

We have not actually done that, but it’s just nice to know…we can if we ever want to!

So, I guess the country life really is for me.  And the only way they could get me back to town is… well….kicking and screaming.

If it wasn’t for the need of milk and toilet paper, I would probably never go to town.

Well, and coffee.

And Bud Light.


  • pozypeacock

    Amazing that you get to see this view, WOW!
    You want to know something? Just until yesterday when we got back home from our trip, I didn't appreciate living out here in the country. I complained how far it is from everything. The truth is, now I am thinking I might want to stay here forever. We have nice neighbors, not too close of course but nice. My husband jumps in the pool naked after mow the land no one can ever see him.LOL It's nice out here. I am starting to look at things a little different now. I am only a bit annoyed at a dog that has been barking since this morning nonstop and now it's 8pm. Other than that, it's nice.LOL

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