Lower Cholesterol And Help Circulation….Naturally!

Another great product from Wisdom Of The Ages, is Formula Bac+.

BAC+ is a Chinese herb formula, formulated by Wisdom Of The Ages in 1993.  Since then, it has helped thousands of people with cardiovascular disease, circulation issues, and many other health problems.*
Research in China has shown the herbs in BAC+ are very useful for Thrombotic Disease, Hypertension, Abdominal Distention, Liver Disease, and Lung Problems.*
Okay folks, I’m gonna be straight with you.  I am terrified of heart disease, as both my parents had triple by-bass surgery due to heart disease.  Myself and both brothers have high cholesterol.  I have just started taking the BAC+, and will report back to you after my next blood test. 
My sister-in-law has been taking this for quite some time, as she was suffering from swelling, due to poor circulation.  She is a breast cancer survivor, and as I understand it, the removal of her lymph nodes caused swelling in her arms.  She actually measured the changes in her arms, and now, takes BAC+ everyday.
Long story short…. in keeping with my resolution to get healthier this year, I am gonna give this a whirl, and will let you know how it works for me.
The BAC+ is $25.95  (1 oz.)…….$39.95 (2 oz.)
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at darcieporter@hotmail.com

*Facts were taken from the book,  Cardiovascular Health In A Bottle, by Jeanne Love, RNC, CNC.

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