Never A Dull Moment…An Unexpected Detour

Well, as I have said before, there is never, ever, a dull moment around our place.  Those of you who know me, know that I am a workaholic, and that I very rarely ever miss work.

Although, I threaten to take a day off,  and threaten I am not gonna show up, and threaten to actually quit…all the time… nobody really listens.  As my two older brothers, our mom, and me, run the business, they usually don’t pay one bit of attention to my threats.

Little sisters should be seen and not heard.  That is still their motto.  Whatever… you big dummies. brothers.

On Wednesday afternoon, I started having a pain around my belly button, then it just became a dull ache all over my belly.  I blamed it on that whole box of flatbread crackers I consumed at work that day.  Wranglers was sympathetic but jokingly said, “honey, you are fallin’ apart.  Yesterday it was your back hurtin’ all day, and today it’s your belly.”  Ya, ya, very funny.

While everyone slept, I spent the whole night trying to get away from the stupid pain, and vowing to never, ever, buy those crackers again.  Even thought about writing a letter to the company and telling ’em to put a warning label on the box…”Do Not Consume Whole Box At Once.”

Next morning Wranglers took one look at me and said he was loading me up and taking me to town to the doctor.  I made it clear, I was not going anywhere.  So, he brought in the big gun.

My Mom.

That pain had kinda sorta moved to the lower right side of my belly.  Wranglers was worried it might be my appendix.  Hey, no worries, your appendix is on the left. 


Wrong.   Remember this people-your appendix is on the RIGHT side.

I repeat-RIGHT side.  I know this cuz Wranglers and Mom got on the computer and researched it.

Anyway… I am no match against the two of them.  So, I pulled on some leggings and one of Wrangler’s t-shirts and went to town.

 Looking back, I really, really, wish I would have combed my hair and put on some make-up and deoderant, grabbed my two hundred  photo albums(that’s what we do when there’s a tornado), my lucky rabbit’s foot,  and my Madame Alexander Doll.  She is so pretty.  Her name is Prudence. Oh…that’s another story.  Sorry.

Wranglers had been on the phone with the doctor’s office, and they had no openings.



But the receptionist knew he was serious, and she talked to the doc, who said to come on in.  He is a wonderful man who came to us from the Philippines a hundred years ago. 

After catching up on his family news, our family news, and the latest town news, he checked my tummy. 

“Does dis hurt you?  Whatbout dis?  Dis hurt ober here?  Hmmm. We send you for tests.  You have to have IB (IV), for cat scan.  You understand?  A blood test too.  You understand?   I think it’s appendix, but we have to check and see first.  You understand?  It’s bery, bery, hard to diagnose appendix sometimes. We can’t do operation ober here.  You know that, right? You have to go to PMC, (47 miles away) for operation, if it is appendix.  But don’t worry-eberythin is gonna be fine. You be fine. You understand me?”  Yes, doc I understand. 

What I really understand is I have NEVER been in the hospital, except when my daughter was born, and this whole thing is getting out of hand.  I just came to town for pain pills.  Not all this other stuff.

Turns out, it wasn’t the crackers.

Tests revealed it was my appendix.  Bleh.

I WANT MY MOMMY!  Oh, wait…she was already there. 

But, hey, I got this nice new bracelet while I was waiting for the surgery team to arrive.  By this time it was around 7:00 pm.  I was praying that the team hadn’t already started their cocktail hour.  Cuz by that time I know I have already had mine…at least on a normal day.  Also, while we waited, I had a great male nurse who brought me warm blankets and morphine, and he made me feel so comfortable.  Or, well…maybe it was the morphine : )
But oh…poor Wranglers.  And poor Mom.  They were so worried and exhausted, but they stayed right with me.  Even spent the night in my room. 
The surgery went really well, and because I was doing so good, they let me go home the very next day.
Whew.  Glad that it’s all over.  This is day three and I am doing amazing…but, shhhh, don’t tell anyone, especially my brothers, cuz, I am gonna milk this for all it’s worth.
                                                                      THE END

p.s.  Remember…Appendix…on the RIGHT.


  • Angie Cox

    Glad you are doing better. It's kinda fun to occasionally see what happens to our men when their women get a bit under the weather. They don't wear that scared look very well, do they? 😉

  • sheila @ Elements

    hi Darcie, I'm sorry to hear about your appendicitis, but I'm glad you're doing okay now.

    It's a good thing your Wrangler man insisted on taking you to the doctor 'cause you'd have been in a heap of trouble if that thing had burst on you.

    Anyway, just get lots of rest and let your man pamper you for a while 'till you're mended.

    By the way, my Mom checked out your website and was commenting what a great writer you are! I totally agree. I enjoy your stories and pictures a lot. 🙂

    Get well soon! sheila

  • thesedaysofmine.com

    Wow – been there, done that. Of course, it was when I was 17, which was um…could it be… 40+ years ago!! And back then, they kept you in the hospital an entire week!! How could we have survived you being away from your blog that long?!?!
    Seriously, glad your hubby and mom got you to the doctor, and everything turned out okay!


  • Lynette

    Found you from reading Pioneer Woman.Isn't she fun?
    Just by reading this post, I think it will be a "regular" for me. I like the way you write. I hope you are doing better…Appendicitis can be very dangerous. Glad you didn't blow it off. I would have a tendency to do that, too.
    Please come by my blog and check it out. Glad to see you, I'm always looking for a new blog to read.

  • Arianne

    I found you on Pioneer Woman also! We have a lot in common. We live in Kansas a county away from Nebraska and have horses. I have 4 cowboys who wear Wranglers and a Cowboy husband. We farm ground and raise cattle. I really related to alot you write about. Keep it up!! Glad you're on the mend.

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