Too Much Talkin’….Not Enough Lookin’

A little peek inside a conversation I had with Wranglers the other day.

Please keep in mind, this is an everyday type of  word exchange between us.  This is nothing unusual at all.

He is at home.

I am at work.

Phone call….

Him:       “Honey, do you remember when you made that bubble bread and took it over to somebodys house, when they had some sorta crisis.   Or maybe it was when that one couple had their baby.  Shoot, it don’t matter what was going on, I need to know if you ever got that bundt cake pan back?”

Me:          “Yes, I got it back.  What do want my cake pan for?”

Him:        “It’s my cake pan, hotpants.  I’ll have you know, that I brought that pan into our marriage.  Remember, cuz you didn’t even know how to cook, let alone bake.”

Me:          “Ya. Ya.  Whatever. It is in the cabinet where I always keep it.  Now, why did you say you        need that pan?”

Him:        “Now listen here little missy, you’re gettin’ in my business, and I am tryin’ to do something
nice for ya.  And yes, I have torn that cabinet apart lookin’, and…it ain’t there.  I even took  all that stuff out, and put back in all nice and neat.  Really….I did.  And it ain’t there.”

Me:           “Sorry, guess you’ll have to wait till I get home, and I will find it.”  (just like I always find   everything that ain’t there.)
 “Bye, see ya soon!”

Him:         “Honey, do you still like me?…….Cuz I really, really like you.”

Me:            “Yes, honey, I still like you too.    A lot.

Him:          “Ok.  Bye.”

A few minutes later, I get a text on my phone.

“Pan is now located.”

I text him back….”what was the 1020 of the missing pan?”

“Where you said it was…of course.”

My text……. “of course.”
p.s.  He need the pan cause he was making his Nana’s famous lemon cake…what a guy!


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