Warning…Viewer Discretion Advised

Please heed my warning folks.  What you are about to read, may make you loose your cookies, run screaming for your mommy, require therapy, or cause you to never visit my home or blog again.

Living in the country, with dogs, I have become somewhat accustomed to the occasional foreign object showing up in my yard.  You know, like a rabbit’s leg, or an unlucky bird or two, or mounds of horse poop, goat poop, pig poop…any critter’s poop.

In the country, there is a lot of poop.  In case you were wondering.

Just because I am becoming accustomed to it, sort of, doesn’t mean I condone or promote my dogs behavior in any way, shape, or form.

But today was the mother lode of all things nasty.

Now would be a good time to click off.

Today my friends….it was….well, it was a coyote.  Or what was left of one.

There!  I said it.

So sorry to have burdened you with this, but now, I feel much better.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.


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