Wranglers And FFA Help One Of Their Own….Fight Cancer

This has been one of the most amazing evenings.

As most of you know, Wranglers teaches high school Vocational Agriculture, and is the FFA Advisor.

Most of the kids here are in his program, because he is awesome and has such a great passion for his program…and his kids.

One of his precious students is in a battle with ovarian cancer.

His kids, along with the National Honor Society students, wanted to have a fundraiser to help out her and her family.  So, the FFA  put together a wonderful meal, the meal that Wranglers is famous for in these parts.  Slow cooked beef with all the fixin’s. 

The meal wasn’t the only event tonight.

The kids thought they should offer community members the opportunity to have their heads shaved for donations.  Of course, the first person they wanted to sign up was their beloved (and mine) Wranglers.

So, Wranglers, along with the Police Dept., Sheriff’s Dept., the Mayor, the school Principal, coaches, and numerous students and community members, all had their heads shaved in the high school gym.

What a sight!  I have never been so proud of Wranglers, his kids, and our small community.  They raised over $5000.00 in just a couple of hours.

So now, without further adieu, here are some pics of the fundraiser.

Serving up the grub!

                                                                Wranglers giving instructions.


                                                        These kids even clean up!

                                                                Now for the entertainment.

                                                      Here’s the line waiting to be shaved.

                                     After all was said and done, fifty five heads were shaved!

Let me tell y’all-if your school has an FFA Program, you really, really, should check it out.
They learn so many lifeskills, responsibilities, and all the wonderful benefits of community involvement.

Wranglers and his kids have done everything from installing wheel chair access for an eldery couple, to helping our Librarian move to a new building, organizing the toys for our local Lions Club Toy Drive, painting crosses for the cemetery…the list goes on, and on.

Yes…my heart is full tonight.

And my prayers are with his precious student and her family…


  • texwisgirl

    Oh how incredible sweet of all of them. Wow. A student fighting ovarian cancer already… I hope her treatment is successful. What a wonderful community you have. And yes, in my days as a Wisconsin gal, I was big fans of the FFA boys. Down home farmers. Love 'em.

  • dkuroiwa

    I think this is just fabulous!! I'm so proud to call that small town "my home". I've seen some of the pictures on facebook and the boys look great….incredibly bald…but, great nonetheless. (though, from what i've seen, your man came away with a bit more hair left on his head than some of the boys!!!) 😉
    How wonderful that so many pitched in to help out in that girl's treatment!!

  • dcash

    Thank you all for your comments! The people here really are amazing. Debbie, we do have a lot of "bald" goin' on-I know you are proud of your bro and nephews! Ya, mine was one of the first, so ended up with a little more hair than some 🙂

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