As most of you know, I run a family business along with my two older brothers, and my mom.  My sweet daddy left us this legacy, which he started in 1959.

I try to get to work by 7:00 a.m., but folks, that proves to be difficult at times. 

Here are some of the excuses I provide to my brothers…

1.  I live in the country.  Translation…I am easily distracted.

2. On snowy days, I use this….

If they don’t start plowing my road until 5:00 a.m., then that surely buys me a little extra time.  Right?

3.   I am also in cahoots with the State Highway Crew, who are in charge of opening and closing this

Everytime it snows, they stop in our business and tell the guys I should get on home before they shut the gate.  My guys just ignore them, ’cause they think I pay the Crew to say that.  Well, I would never…..

4.  Then there are these….

I have like to check out my neighbor’s cattle.  Especially this time of year, when there are babies being born.
See that little black dot??  I couldn’t leave my driveway until he/she got up and walked around.  It’s my duty.
5.  If ALL that is not enough to make a gal legitimately late for work, there is this….

6.  And if I don’t get hung up here, there’s always here…

7.  One other little thing.  As I got myself loaded up this morning, started up the SUV, turned on my seat
      warmer, I noticed this….

Just a teeny, tiny, oversight on my part.  This drives Wranglers crazy.  So, if I run out of gas on
 my way to town, I am on my own.  I would never live it down, if he had to come rescue me for this reason.
See, he has told me hundreds of times…”Do you hear that beeping noise?  That means you are running low on gas.  See that letter ‘E’ on your gauge?  When the orange thingy gets close to that, you are supposed to go fuel up before you head out to the country.”
Of course I know all that. 
 I am just very busy. 
 And distracted.
And always in a hurry to get home.
Lucky for me, I made it to town, and the gas station (on fumes).
Let’s just keep this our little secret.
Thank you.


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