My Closet. Before And After….Enter With Caution

So the time has come.


Well, it snowed here last night, but I’m sure it’s Spring.


Spring means, (among other things), time to clean, organize, and get totally overwhelmed at all the crap stuff, that has piled up.  Including, cobwebs, a few bugs here and there, and dust…lots of dust.

We have been on the road a lot lately, so, our closet has been a sort of catch all.

You know, for suitcases, garment bags, and anything else I needed to get out of sight quickly.

Ok, here goes.

Don’t judge me. 

My/Our closet before….

See that orange strap thingy hanging off of my clothes steamer in the back corner?
That’s an exercise band that I keep around.  Just in case.  You know, if I ever decide to…uh…exercise.

Not sure why I felt it necessary to save this Coach sack.  I guess I just liked it.

And it’s probably the ONLY Coach sack I will ever have.  So, I better keep it.

Here is a couple of my baseball caps.  There’s a whole slew of them back behind.

I love to wear caps.

When I wear a cap…I don’t have to comb my hair.

And now a drum roll please.

Closet after…

Obviously I love shoes.
And boots.
And sandals.

It’s a sickness.  I will be seeking medical attention soon.   Wranglers insists I do it.

Not bad for a day’s work.
Think I’ll call my friends and invite them over.
We’ll hang out in the closet.  Have cocktails.  Maybe watch a movie.
Don’t worry, they won’t think I’m weird….they already know I’m weird.
And here’s where the dust and cobwebs come in.
I hadn’t planned on showing this, but since Wranglers took these pictures, here ya go.

For me, cleaning our ceiling fan is quite an adventure.

The darn thing won’t hold still.

And wooden blinds, are the cat’s meow…unless you live in the country.

They are the pitts to clean.

Trust me.

And my lamp shades, the poor things were a disgrace.

Today, nothing was safe from me and my Kirby.


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