My New Friend….Toby Keith

Okay, so in my previous post I said Toby Keith was my in-law’s neighbor.

Kinda.  Sort of.

Well, he lives in Oklahoma.

So do my in-law’s.

And he lives kinda near.

I just love tellin’ people they’re neighbors.

And, he’s my new friend.

Sort of.

I went to his place for lunch the other day, so that makes us friends.

He’s got a real nice place.

Okay.  So, I didn’t have lunch at his house.

It was his bar and grill.

But I did see him there.


I loved the powder room doors.

And the pick-up truck tailgate seating.

He loves his Memaw.
This was such a fun day, and let me tell ya….the guy can cook!  Our food was delicious.

So, if you ever get down to Oklahoma City, be sure and go by Toby’s.

And tell him, I said HI! 

You’ll get special treatment.



  • Lynette

    Hey, I'm going there next weekend! Secretly thinking I would like it if he just happened to show up. I hear he does occasionally! I live in Oklahoma and have been to Bricktown a couple of times but never to Toby's…my bad! Thanks for the pics! I will have some on my blog after next weekend. Come on over and have a look. We are having a HS (30+ years later) girls slumber party…SPRING BREAK in Bricktown…should be pretty interesting!

  • Cathy

    Glad you made it up this way. We eat there when we go up to Bass Pro in Bricktown! I got the signature Fried Balogna Sandwich last time…nice to try once, but too rich for me!

  • Sally

    When I read "Toby Keith" had to hop on over. Glad you had lunch with him – sort of.

    I'm friends with him also – sort of! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!! 🙂

  • The Chic College Cowgirl

    Oh my goodness Darcie, I loved reading this–I've been dying to go to one of these over the past year and just haven't gotten the opportunity to make it happen yet. My cowboy and I were driving by this exact Toby Keith's I Love This Bar in OKC about a month ago and were talking about how we need to go eat there very soon! So fun to get a peek inside from your pics =D

    It was soooo crazy when you commented the other day because that same morning, I had made out a to-do list (because I'm nerdy like that and need lists in order to accomplish anything), and coming to spend some time on your blog was on my list for the day! I think we must have some kind of ESP, Oklahoma-Cowboy-Loving, bond thing going on!

    And, let me just say, I totally, completely, 100% agree with your theory–Oklahoma DOES grow very, very fine cowboys. You, Ree, and I can all attest to this! I keep telling all my single friends back home in Kansas that they need to come check out some of these Oklahoma men; it's definitely the way to go!

    Going to go read through more of your precious blog now. Talk to you soon, girl!

  • dcash

    Gosh! I wish I could figure out how to reply to each of your comments. Thanks so much for taking the time-you all make my day!

    For those of you going to Toby's…the chicken fried steak sandwich should come with a warning. It's HUGE!

    And Leigh-you and your sisters could adopt me. I'm packing for the beach now…could you pick me up at the airport??? 🙂

  • Danielle

    We checked out Toby Keith's place while in Vegas. I had a lot of fun dancing and looking around, but we were too late to eat…I was a little upset about that.

  • Sheila

    As with Kate and Will's wedding, I didn't get my invite in the mail to the closet party. And me with cold champagne. Well, I'll just have the champagne and maybe I'll look at my closet in another year.

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