Announcement! (And A Cool Picture)

Hi everyone!

I have an announcement. 

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Hello?  Is this thing on?

Ok, so my announcement is…Yes, I am still here.

No, I didn’t win the lotto and run off to a secluded island beach.

Yet. (One of these days, that’s where I’ll be blogging from.  Just so ya know).

I have been busy, busy, busy.

It is prom season.  And if working from 7:00a.m.-5:00p.m. in our family business isn’t enough, I also have the only tuxedo rental business in our area.

So during the day it’s all about auto parts, and during prom season, the evenings are all about formal wear.  Ha!  What a funny combination.

Prom is this weekend, so I will be back to “normal” soon.  Whatever that is.

Since I always try to have a picture or two, here is our sunset from the other night, taken from our porch.


  • dkuroiwa

    just thought i'd let you know that i DID chuckle a bit at the thought of some high school kid saying to his mom "i need to run to NAPA and order my tux". hahaha!!!

    enjoy the calm (whatever THAT is!) when it's all over!!! ;-D

  • dcash

    Haha! Debbie, the other day I had several kids come in at once, and go straight to the counter. One of my guys asked what he could get for them and they said, "tuxedos". Another customer looked up and said, "wow-you really can get anything at Napa"!

  • Christine

    There but for the grace of God go I! My youngest will be 20 at the end of
    April. No more proms for me.
    I want to say thanks to your firefighters. I'm up here in Las Animas and saw their truck helping out with the fire. It's been a very nerve racking week and it's great to see everyone pulling together to get this fire out.

  • dcash

    Christine-wow! I didn't realize anyone from our neck of the woods was reading my ramblings 🙂
    So glad our firefighters have been able to pitch in up there.Over the last few weeks, they have been kept busy down here also.There have been two homes lost.And the thanks goes right back to your guys, cause I believe they were down here a few weeks ago, helping with the Walsh fire.

  • Dianna

    Have to tell you that I've been chuckling about the references to NAPA and tuxes!!
    I was telling Motor Man that you wanted us to adopt you (re: beach house) and he asked where you lived. Duh – I can't remember!!

    Love the sunset pic. We've had some gorgeous ones recently too!

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