Here Comes Peter Cottontail-The Real Deal

I love bunnies.  And, living in the country, you would think we would have lots of them hanging around.

But, we have dogs.  Three of them.

And we have coyotes.  Lots of them.

And then there is the master hunter and stalker Hootie

Yesterday, however, we had an unexpected visitor.

We have big plans for Easter.  The whole family loves to come out to our place for the egg hunt, and most important…the food.

On our menu is…

smoked turkey
smoked brisket
scalloped potatoes
baked beans
deviled eggs
hot rolls
four layer chocolate dessert and….I am still working on one more dessert idea.

What’s your plans for the holiday?  Are you cooking, or is someone else hosting??

Happy Easter!!


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