The Snake Wrangler

As you all know, I am married to one tough cowboy.

He is a former bull rider.

A former bronc rider.

He is tough.  And he is mean.

He’s not really mean.  But don’t tell his high school students that.

He is my protector.  Not afraid of anything.



Any snakes.  Little snakes, big snakes, good snakes, bad snakes.


Are there any good snakes?

The other day, Wranglers was working in the garden and I was watering flowers.

The dogs started pitching a fit, which I didn’t pay any attention to.

But Wranglers was on immediate alert.

He yelled at me.  Which I didn’t pay any attention to.

When you see the Head Of Ranch Security do this…

You better, and I mean it, PAY ATTENTION!

This is Baxter.  And this is the Snake Spin.

Invented by the one and only, Baxter.

And he is the Head Of Ranch Security.

And he has just spotted this…

Anytime one of these shows up, you must determine if it is a good snake or a bad snake.

But first…you must get a weapon.

Since Wranglers was in the garden, he already had a weapon in hand.

It just wasn’t long enough…at least for him.

To answer my earlier question, yes, there are good snakes.

And this happens to be one of them.  A Bull Snake is a good snake.

But, a Bull Snake looks an awful lot like a Rattle Snake. 

Rattle Snake=bad, bad, snake.

Wranglers is trying to relocate this snake, but that darn hoe is just not long enough.

The whole time, he is telling the snake, “don’t you go over there.  I  mean it… don’t you go over there.”

And in an instant, it was over.

The snake, went “over there.”

Over there, is here…

See that little green cover?  That’s where the valve is to our sprinkler system.

And snake boy went down in there.

Since we are currently having a slight malfunction with the sprinkler system, Wranglers has to open that up each and every time he waters the yard.

Our yard may die before he opens that up again.

Hours later….

Baxter is still on High Alert. 

Code Red, Code Red-momma stay back.  That snake is still on the property.

I know he’s here.


My work here is offically done.

The coast is clear.  Momma, I chased snake boy off.

Really, I did!

Now, he wants a nap.

Or a stiff drink.

Or maybe both.


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