It Ain’t No Beach…

We didn’t go to the beach this year.

And I am having trouble getting over it.  You see, I need the beach.

My sanity depends on it.

I am a little less cranky if I know there is a beach trip in my future.

Not the case this year.

Most of you know, I live in Colorado.  So, what am I complaining about?  I live in one of the most beautiful states there is.


This is the view surrounding our little corner of paradise.

Looking to the NW.

 The East.

And the South.

I didn’t see any Rocky Mountains.  Did you?

And because of the severe drought, the only green is where our drip system is in place around the trees, although, we do have a small oasis in our back yard…I am saving that for another post.

So, instead of the beach, we hit the highway and headed straight west.

Surprising, but just three hours from our desolate world, is this.


This is the Dog Bar in Cuchara.  And yes, all dogs are welcome to come inside.
The Timbers Restaurant, also in Cuchara.
Elk sighting.
We were headed to Pagosa Springs, but had to stop and just take in the view.  This area down below is called Bruce’s Spruce.  They have cabins and campsites…we are definitely going to book some time here soon.
Pagosa Springs is known for it’s all natural healing springs.  I could not wait to get there, grab a beverage, and let the healing begin.  But that meant putting on a swimsuit, and…well…it may take a couple of beverages.
We stayed at the beautiful Springs Resort, right on the river.  They have numerous hot springs, all with varying temperatures.
The steam from the hot springs is an amazing sight.
Oh the flowers!  What I wouldn’t give to have my baskets look like this.  It’s obvious these have never been hit with gale force winds that carry blast furnace heat of 100 + degrees.  People this an everyday occurance where we live, and it is miserable.
I must say…this trip was not to the beach, but I LOVED IT!!! 
And you know, all this beauty was in our own back yard.
Ok, not exactly in our back yard, but a short drive away, and a definite great weekend destination.
p.s.  About the hot springs healing powers…let me just say, I am now a true believer.


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