More Snake Business

Hey friends, I’m finally back.

Back from where?  An extended vacation on far away remote island.  Not.

Sorry people, it’s just been a long, long, hot, busy summer. 

I actually thought about hanging my blog out to dry, and just enjoy reading everyone else’s.
Leave the blogging up to the professionals, I told myself. 

But….I have really missed my blog friends, and, uh….blogging.

So, I shall carry on, and hope you all haven’t deleted me!

Here for your enjoyment, or not, is a little more snake business.  Our part of the world has been so horribly dry-the buffalo grass is brown and crunchy, the ground has large cracks, and everything is suffering.  Even these nasty little creatures are coming right up to our porch to get a drink from our waterfall.

Honestly, I have never seen a snake drinking water.  Guess I never thought about it, but, apparently these little rascals need a drink ever now and then.

I told them to travel a few miles on down to the neighbors, or I would call in The Snake Wrangler


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