Fire In The Sky

Just when I think I have “HAD IT”, with living in the country.

When I am at the “end of my rope”, with the flies.

And the miller moths.

And the flying ants.

The spiders and snakes.

Not to mention the creepy crawly things I can’t even identify.

I walk out on the porch.

And there…is…this…

A reminder.

Of why I love the country.

Oh, and there is skinny dippin’ in the hot tub, which is a nice little bonus.


  • Misty Pearson

    We live out in the country too! I grew up living in the country and the whole time growing up I couldn't wait to turn 18 and move to Dallas. I did, got married, and moved back. My 19 year old son craves the action of the big city too! We mentioned something about moving. He got all excited and starting making plans about moving "into town". We looked at him and said "We were thinking of moving further OUT!!!!" He just looked at us a minute, didn't say a word and walked away. LOL!

    Great Pic!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smalltowngirl

    Oh Darcie, this is gorgeous!
    It certainly is the awesome perk of living outside the city limits for me too!
    I couldn't help but think of your post on snakes when I nearly stepped on one the other night! Eeeks! The scary part for me ..it was dark and I could hear the rattle before I saw him!!
    And those dang flying ants that swarm our house once a year …yeah thank goodness for the beauty, when we can find it out here! lol

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