Oklahoma Weekend

We spent the holiday weekend in southern Oklahoma. 

And I am pretty sure I gained five pounds.

You see, my husband’s family cooks.  They cook a lot.

And it always seems like they start feeding us, shortly after we arrive, and don’t stop feeding us until we are pulling out of the driveway.  Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it.  This time, my mother-in-law sent her famous chocolate chip cookies with us, so, technically speaking, they were still feeding us on our way home.

While we were there we did a little shopping.

I found a pair of Levi’s.  I love Levi’s. 

Get this…they were only $9.88.  They were on a clearance rack at Sports Authority.  I tried them on and they fit perfectly, other than being a little long-but, for $9.88, I am gonna make those babies work.

It never fails, everytime I go to Sports Authority, I find the “bargain of the day”.  See, it’s a contest.  And I like to win.

I also found some really cute Sketchers Tone Up Sandals, $19.00, regularly around $45.00.

JACKPOT!  I am like a pit bull when there is a clearance sign on something.

A couple more bargains.  We stopped at TJ Maxx, and I scored a pair of white denim capris for $3.00.  I already have a pair of white denim capris, so I really didn’t need another pair, but, how could I resist?  I mean they fit like a glove, and they were a steal.  So, you know what I done went and did?  I bought TWO PAIRS.  HA!  That will show ’em.  Uh…show who??  I guess it will show the imaginary people, with whom I am having an imaginary bargain shopping contest, with.

It is no wonder I am exhausted all the time.  I wear myself out with stuff like this.  Like I am not busy enough already, so, I make stuff up to participate in.

Does anyone know a good therapist?

We also stopped in Dillards, where they were having 50% Off of the already marked down price!
LOOK OUT!  This kind of sale is right up my alley.

Just one problem.

We arrived at Dillards at 5:45, and they closed at 6:00.  WHAT??

 Hey, I’m good.

But not that good.  I need a little more than fifteen minutes.

I turn to my mother-in-law and Wranglers, and pleaded, “It’s a holiday weekend.  They can’t close at 6:00.  Someone, pleeeeeezzzeee get the manager.  It’s a holiday.   With Sales.  Big 50% Off Sales.  And I NEVER get to the city.”  But, to my surprise, my pleading did absolutely no good.  They took me by the hand and led me to the parking lot.  It has taken me a few days to deal with the situation, but I am getting better.  Thank you.

If any of you live near a Dillards, TJ Maxx, or Sports Authority, you should check out their clearance stuff.  Also, none of these stores know me.

Well, Dillards might remember me from my little melt down the other day.


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