Fried Green Tomatoes Anyone?

Everyone in our area had a bit of a problem with garden tomatoes this year.  All over the county, everyone had plenty of beautiful tomatoes, the problem….very few of them ripened.

We are expecting our first snow in a few days, so we picked everything left in the garden.

I really, really, want these gosh dang tomatoes to ripen.  Not that I am against frying them.  I just want them to be red. 
 And juicy.
 So I can slice them.  And dice them.
 And put salt and pepper on them.  You know…the way they are meant to be.
My mom told me my Grandma used to wrap them in newspaper.  And presto, they would ripen.
So, I am gonna try this with some of them.
Now, I know there are probably some wonderful things to do with the green ones.  I just don’t know any, and frankly, I am a little to miffed to research it.  So, if you have any ideas or recipes for these gosh dang stubborn maters, please…let me know.


  • Jill

    My dad also ripened his in newspaper. It worked really well.

    I think there is a green tomato pie that tastes just like apple pie! Sorry I do not have the recipe for you.

  • Misty

    I always put them in a paper bag. That works pretty well if they aren't tooooo green, which it looks like yours aren't.

    That being said….I'm jealous. I would be happy with even green ones!!! We had the highest heat and worst drought here in Texas this year. We're still in a drought. All of our gardens were super poopy and I don't mean in a good way!! lol.
    I planted some things early on but it became clear pretty quickly it wasn't going to go well. I got so hot in fact that I baked cookies on the dash of my truck while I was at work!

  • Anonymous

    Yes wrapping them in newspaper does the trick, I also set them in a box, not stacked too deep though. Also in a cool, dark room helped. I have a great canned green tomato recipe that you can open up a jar and pour over chicken/pork and then bake in the oven. But I am at work right now :o) and no access to it. It is very yummy.

  • writingfeemail

    I've heard about the newspaper trick, but it never worked for me. I suppose I did it wrong, but how many ways can wrap a darn tomato? I say, eat those things. Fried green tomatoes – yum, yum!

  • pattisjarrett

    We just returned from a trip south, and fried green tomatoes were on most of the menus there. (I didn't order any). My mom used to make them, but I don't remember trying them; or I did and wasn't impressed. It might have been the onions she fried with them that I didn't like at the time. I prefer mine red, just as you described.

  • Julie

    I did the same thing–picked all of the remaining green tomatoes before the first frost. I put them in paper bags, but then I added a ripening banana in each bag. As the banana ripens, in emits ethylene, which helps ripen the tomatoes. All fruit produces ethylene, but bananas release the most, so the tomatoes ripen more quickly. I just froze the remaining tomatoes today–it worked beautifully!

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