The Little Things.

This week I have been paying attention to the little things in my everyday life.

Note, I did not say enjoying the little things, I said paying attention to the little things.

And have made some interesting discoveries.

Little things like….

I put my purse in the front seat of my car the other day.  I usually put it in the back.  On the floor.  I don’t know why I do this, but I do it.  Anyway, the little seatbelt dinger went off during my entire trip home from work.   Discovery…my purse weighs as much as human being??? 

My whole body aches after washing 19 windows last Sunday.  And I have like 10 more to do.
Discovery…I don’t do windows.

Waking up every morning around 2:00 am. 
Discovery…I need a bigger bedside fan.  You know,  now that I am 49.

More little things like….when you have a birthday, you really REALLY should check the expiration date on your drivers license.  Discovery… did you know, you can’t even rent a car with an expired drivers license?
Even if it’s only expired for one day.  At least, that is what I heard.  From somebody. Yes, there is a story here.

Little things like…I am the only one in my house who has training in putting a fresh roll of toilet paper on the roller.  Discovery…it takes a rocket scientist.  And I are one.

Giving up my french vanilla creamer in my coffee causes me to have some sort of withdrawl symptoms.  Discovery…cutting back on calories really just doesn’t work for me.


The Rocket Scientist


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