Toilet In The Yard. Normal…Or Not

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Normally…. we wouldn’t have a toilet in the yard.  Or wait.  Doesn’t everyone have a toilet sitting out in their yard?

Wranglers thinks if we put a pretty pot, (pun intended), of flowers in it, it would look quite normal.

Me, thinks not.

This is actually sitting outside the original homestead on our place.

We are getting ready to remodel, and turn it into a cozy little guest house.  And the toilet was one of the first things to go.

Here is the front of the house…

It’s got really good bones, and plenty of character, so hopefully, we can bring it back to life!

One more thing that may, or may not be normal…

Waking up each and every morning, to this…

This, my friends, is quite normal.  Happens every day.

Baxter lays right outside our bedroom, on the top of the hot tub.  It’s his throne.  He thinks he is the Head Of Ranch Security, and this is where he has the best view, you know, cause he is a little on the short side.

Do you have anything that is in that gray area of “Normal…Or Not”?  If so, and you blog about it, feel free to come back here and leave a link in the comments of this post.  It might be fun!


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