Tuesday Tips And Tricks

Living in the country means sometimes, we have to get creative and make do, with whatever we have on hand to deal with just about anything that crops up.  So, for my own sanity, and hopefully to get you out of an occasional pinch, I am going to put all of our household tips and tricks in one place.

My plan is to get my thoughts organized and post them here on Tuesdays.  This will make it much easier for us, cause, I am always asking Wranglers, what was that one thing your Grandma used to clean this type of stain?  what did my mom tell me to use to ward off the flies?  what was that crazy way my sister-in-law cleaned her sink? Anyway, you get the idea. 

Here ya go!

  • Remove water spots on your stainless steel sink with rubbing alcohol.  Our water well has really, really, hard water, and I constantly battle water spots-I use this little trick on the kitchen sink and the bathroom faucets/fixtures.  Works like a charm!

  • Remove scuffs from shoes by rubbing the scuff with the white side of a banana peel. 
  •  Re-cycle scented dryer sheets by soaking used sheets in liquid fabric softener, squeeze out excess, and let dry.  I love this because I can keep a little recycled stash for those times I forget to pick up a box of Bounce!




  • Kimberlys Notebook

    Here in Florida we have those pesky love bugs. Their HORRIBLE on car windshields and paint. If you use a Bounce dryer sheet you can clean them off in minutes. If you've been to Florida to see what they do…well, their just gross!!!!

    They also keep the mosquitoes off of you and your hair from frizzing. Love Bounce!!!

  • Misty

    I can Soooo relate. Its kinda sad too because Robbie's grandmother was a fount of knowledge in all things from wine making to growing the best ever strawberries. (she sold them for .05 a plant!!) I didn't appreciate the HOW of doing all that, just the RECEIVING of all that! Now that she's gone, I'm forever telling Robbie, "Man, I wish your grandmother was here! I'd talk to her all day about why my strawberries aren't growing (or insert whatever other thing isn't working)"

    BTW, the used dryer sheet tip is GOLD!! 🙂

  • Hotly Spiced

    Oh – that's a great tip for shoes. I never would have known. Shame that in Australia at the moment our bananas are so expensive (all due to the crops being decimated by floods and cyclones. We're currently paying about $10/kg which I think is about $25/pound. So that's currently a very expensive way to clean your shoes!

  • writingfeemail

    Love the tip of using alcohol on stainless. I love the look of it, but every time it's touched, a fingerprint stays behind. I wonder if you can use one of those alcohol swab sheets? Maybe I should keep a canister of them in the kitchen!

  • thebarefootindian

    Love the Tuesday theme! I'm so glad you mentioned the alcohol on stainless. I will be trying that real soon! Just living in the country and not being able to run to the store or borrow from a neighbor has opened my eyes to the importance of being prepared and improvising!

  • kate

    These are great tips. I love the dryer sheets idea- I have been staring at a big bottle of fabric softener and a heap of used dryer sheets and now I know what to do. Thanks so much. -kate

  • the Provident Woman

    I've never heard the banana peel trick before. With dryer sheets we cut them in half. I haven't noticed a difference between a while one a half of one. It saves money and get the nice freshness in my laundry.

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