Tuesday Tips And Tricks

I use old fashioned witch hazel for facial astringent-I quit buying the pricey stuff a long time ago, and achieve the same results.  
I also use it for…

Razor bumps.  Apply generously with a soft cloth or cotton ball.
To remove sticker adhesive.
It’s also great to remove blood stains from fabric.  Wrap the stained area in a rubbberband, to isolate the area, and then immerse in witch hazel for about thirty minutes.  Then launder as usual.
I have not tried this one, but I have been told you can combine a few drops of peppermint oil with witch hazel in a spray bottle, and use it for mosquito repellant.  I think this is worth a try!
Last week, I mentioned dryer sheets.
If you happen to live in the country, where mice can be a bit of problem…

Bounce Dryer Sheets work great for warding off the evil little creatures.

We place them all throughout our camper, and for some reason, it keeps the mice away.  An added bonus…it smells great!  Way better than using moth balls or poison.  I got this tip from our local farmers, who put the Bounce Sheets in their combines and tractor cabs. 

I loved all the comments on last weeks Tips And Tricks.  Some of you left some great tips of your own, and I love that!  If you didn’t stick around for the comments, go back and check them out.

Seems there are several of us who struggle with keeping our stainless appliances looking shiny and clean.  I use the rubbing alcohol for “water spots” on my stainless steel sink and other faucets throughout the house, however, I have read it can be used on appliances, as well.  That being said, I want to share the BEST stainless steel cleaner for appliances.  I have tried them all, and this is the only one that does the trick for me.

This is CLR Stainless Steel Cleaner, and you can read more about it on their website.  This is not a sponsered post, just something I wanted to share, cause it makes my life soooo much easier!  We found this at Home Depot.

Feel free to continue to shout any of your favorite tips-I love it when you do!


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