A Visit From My Old Friend…KARMA

So, most of you know I went on a trip to meet my daughter for her doctor’s appointment in Denver. 
Once that was done, we headed on to northern Colorado where she lives.

We had a couple of great days of shopping, eating out, doing her laundry, etc.

Then, I made my way south to Colorado Springs, where I was meeting Wranglers.  He had meetings, and I had to take our new car in for a minor recall.

The car dealership was kind enough to rent me a car, since I was so far from home. 

They drove me to the rental place, and the little girl was so sweet.  She told me everything was taken care of by the dealership.  So cool.

She just needed my drivers license, and a credit card.

Both formalities.

No problem.

She punched my info into the computer and handed the card and my license back.

I quickly stuffed both back into my purse.

She looked up and said, “Can I see your license again?  Apparently, I typed in the wrong expiration date.”

No problem.  But….my stomach fell to the floor as I recalled my birthday last month, and a conversation I had with my brother just a couple of days earlier.

He told me how the security guy at the Denver Airport, had informed him that his drivers license had expired in July.  I remembered thinking….you are such a dumb-butt.  Who lets their drivers license expire??

Karma is such a …..never mind.

Anyway, while the sweat started to bead on my forehead, she handed my license back, once again, and said, “did you know it expired yesterday?”

In case you didn’t know, there is no renting a car with an expired drivers license.  Period.

She was so sweet, she offered to drive me home.  But, when I told her “home” was four hours away, she took the offer back…maybe she isn’t as sweet as I thought.  It’s only four hours.  One way.

So, she took me to the nearest Kohl’s, where I left no stone un-turned.

I hated like heck to call the dealership and inform them of my predicament, but they kindly sent a driver to pick me up when my car was finished.  Thank you Chevrolet.

Then, it was time to meet Wranglers at the hotel, where I had to inform him of my little situation.
Needless to say, he is still laughing and making fun his little blonde country wife, stuck in the city.

But….he  hasn’t seen my Kohl’s bill yet…he won’t be laughing then.




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