Hi.  My name is…uh…what’s my name??

As most of you know…ok…all of you know we just had a time change.

I knew that yesterday.

And I knew that all day today.

But, at work, at exactly 4:00 today (Monday), I looked at the clock, and thought to my very intelligent self, “hmm…I guess no one ever changed the clock.”

So, I promptly grabbed a stick, and moved the clock to 5:00, gathered up my stuff, told our employee to holler at my bonehead brother if he got busy, and headed home.

You probably know, there is something very, VERY, wrong with this picture.

I arrived at home, poured a glass of wine, and started cooking.

 Poured another glass of wine.

 At 4:30, or what I THOUGHT, was 4:30, Wranglers calls.

Honey, where are you?

Hey, I’m home.

What are you doing home so early?

Uh, it’s 5:30.  I’m always home at  5:30.

No, honey.  It’s 4:30.

I swear, my life flashed before my eyes.

I had another out of body experience.

Not only had I left work an hour early, I moved the clock.  (Which didn’t need to be moved)


Now, in my defense, I could blame this confusion on the fact that we spent the weekend in Oklahoma, and it is an hour later there. 

And for my little blonde brain, that can be confusing at times.  Couple that with the end of daylight savings time, all in one weekend, and, well….

Or, I could blame it on the fact that on Saturday night, while in Oklahoma, I took a muscle relaxer.

On Sunday, during the trip back to Colorado, I was in some sort of a coma.

And, surely, I am still not normal.

Note to self….when in need of a muscle relaxer, only take one half of the recommended dose.

Somebody, please help me.

                                                                     The End.


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