Tuesday Tips And Tricks

Time for another round of Tips And Tricks.   I love candles.  But for some reason, I don’t burn them much in the summer, however, fall and winter are a different story. 

Here are few candle tricks.

  • When the candle is history, freeze the candle holder, and the wax will pop right out.
  • Rub out nicks and scratches with panty hose.
  • Put a small tealight in the burn well of a pillar to extend the candle’s life.
  • Store candles in the fridge or freezer to extend burning time.

Another trick I use for adding scent to my house this time of year is:

  • Place a few drops of your favorite scented oil in your heater vents.

Okay, one more.  This is for those of you who cook fish or seafood:

  • To cut down on the fish odor, boil lemon wedges on the stove while the fish is cooking.


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